The Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) is highly reliable but if there is a problem with it, we will usually be aware of it before you are, and will remedy it for no extra cost.  However, if any of your own equipment fails, you need to have it repaired and put back into service as soon as possible for the overall system to be able to function correctly.

Remote Diagnosis of Faults

Pooled Energy’s central Network Operating Centre (NOC) continually monitors your equipment and can often diagnose incipient problems such as low water, no water flow, pipe blockages, filter pump failures, sensor failures, aging chlorinator cells, overall chlorinator failures, some heater failures and some pool sweep failures. If we detect such problems, we will normally advise you by SMS or email and ask you to have the failure rectified.

We will also advise you if we detect low salt levels or if chemicals need to be added to the pool.

This is not an exhaustive list as the NOC does not monitor all possible failure conditions or all chemicals.  There will be some faults that only you can detect.  Some examples include too much water in the pool, dead animals, debris or pollution following heavy rain, leaks, some heater failures, some pool sweep and robot failures such as erratic running or wheel problems, or unexpected or unauthorised chemicals added to the pool.  If you detect a fault, please notify our Call Centre.

Rectifying a Fault

In the event of an equipment failure, please rectify the failure as quickly as possible so that the system can operate. Pooled Energy provides expert repairs, replacement and maintenance services and will also ensue that any remediation is compatible with the overall system.

If you repair the failure yourself, or get the local Pool Shop to do it, it is essential that you replace like with like.

The Pooled Energy system is an integrated, automatic system that has been configured (set-up) for the equipment there at the time it was set to work.  If you change the nature of its components or reconfigure it, then it may not work correctly.  The best way to have repairs done is to ask us to do them for you, which we will do at competitive prices and rates.  At least, please check any proposed equipment if you have others install it for you.  It is important not to reconfigure plumbing.

If we are obliged to visit your site due to such a change, there will be a charge for rectifying any introduced problems.

Equipment Repairs and Replacements

Pooled Energy provides high quality new and replacement Filters, Pumps, Sweeps, Chlorinator Cells and Chlorinators, excellent prices and matched to your automated Pooled Energy System.

Here are some general rules for different types of equipment, if you have repairs done by others:-

Filter Pump: Filter pumps should be replaced:-

· if they are old and they leak;

· if they burn out,

· if they rust to a dangerous condition, or

· if they simply stop. 


Pumps can sometimes be repaired but, it is our experience that repairs are usually short-term and often result in the pool being out of service for weeks and needing new chemicals and work to re-start it. It is almost always better and less expensive, to replace old with new.

Please replace any pump with the same type and horsepower as you had previously, unless there is a good reason to change.  If you think you need more flow and you have a reasonable size filter, and your plumbing is in good condition, you can often increase the size of the pump up to 1.5KW (~2 HP).  You are unlikely to require more in a typical domestic pool.

The Pooled Energy IPC which controls your pump incorporates a Variable Speed Drive that works with single speed AC pumps only, up to 1.5KW only, as standard.  Do not replace the pump with a variable speed or multi-speed pump, or a DC pump, as the system will cease to operate and you may damage both the IPC and the new pump. 

Pooled Energy offers a high quality replacement pump if you would like us to supply and install it for you. Please contact our Call Centre to arrange a replacement and obtain pricing.

Filter Tanks and Valves: You will need a new filter if the tank cracks, or if it is very old and the valve on it fails, and there are no replacement valves available.   If the valve leaks, it may require a new valve or just a gasket.  With older filters, the removal of the valve to replace the gasket may not be achievable without damage to the valve or the filter tank, often necessitating a complete replacement.

If you need an entirely new filter, please ask us first.  If not, please get a sand filter that is filled with high-tech glass beads instead of sand.  The beads last longer and do a better job of filtering.

Filter Media

If your current filter is doing a poor job of filtering, it may be that the sand in it has broken down to a form of ‘dust’, or turned to ‘sandstone’ with a few water tunnels through it.  In either case, you are just wasting energy and not keeping your pool clean.  Sand lasts 3-5 years in conventional use, and then you need a change of the filter media.  Pooled Energy uses special glass media as a replacement for sand. These is more durable, longer lasting and offers better filtration.

If you need a filter repair, replacement or media change, we would be happy to do these for you at competitive rates. Please contact our Call Centre.

Pooled Energy offers a standard, high quality replacement filter or we will be happy to source a specific model from another manufacturer if you have a preference.

Chlorinator Cell: Chlorinator cells last anywhere from about a year to 5 years.  They consist of titanium plates with a special coating of exotic metals such as ruthenium.  When they are new and working correctly, they operate electrolytically with salt water to produce hydrogen and chlorine.  The chlorine dissolves in the water to sanitise your pool, while the hydrogen bubbles off.  There are a lot of bubbles of hydrogen coming out of a large chlorinator cell when it is working correctly.  These bubbles come out the return-to-pool pipes in the pool and dissipate harmlessly in the outdoors air.

As the cell ages, the coating wears off, the production of chlorine reduces and the cell now electrolyses the water itself, producing more hydrogen and oxygen and less chlorine.  Getting bubbles does not mean that your chlorinator cell is working correctly!  The IPC however, has a chlorine sensor that monitors correct operation.  If the cell is not working correctly, you are simply wasting money producing hydrogen and oxygen, but not sanitising your pool.

Some (non self-cleaning) chlorinator cells also calcify up, that is, they get a thick, white deposit, plating on the cell.  This is calcium carbonate (calcite) and it stops the cell from working.  It must be removed, but not with a screwdriver or anything mechanical, as this will damage the delicate coating on the plates.  To clean the plates, you need dilute hydrochloric acid and a procedure that should have been recommended by the manufacturer of the cell.

Please note that Pooled Energy’s advanced chemistry will diminish the amount of calcium plating in most cases and, where there are calcium deposits, make them easier to remove.

You should replace any chlorinator cell, preferably with the same type and the maximum capacity that your particular chlorinator electronics can handle. Most chlorinators installed in pools are too small and this forces your filter to run longer hours than it needs, just to supply more water and salt to an undersized cell.

If your chlorinator is not self-cleaning, which is periodically done by reversing the current flow through the cells, then you will get regular build-ups of calcium as discussed above.  In this case, you should consider upgrading to a self-cleaning chlorinator.  This requires a change of both the cell and the electronics.

If you upgrade the chlorinator, we recommend that you get a self-cleaning unit with at least 30—35 grams per hour capacity for the typical 50,000 lire pool in the Sydney area. While this size chlorinator is more expensive to buy, its running cost will be less and its lifetime longer.

Pooled Energy offers high quality replacement cells for many types of chlorinator….. and also sells a complete chlorinator unit with electronics and cell. Please contact our Call Centre to arrange a replacement and obtain pricing.

Sweep Pump: You should replace any pump for a pressure-side cleaner, with the same type and power of pump.  Pooled Energy offers a high quality replacement pump if you would like us to supply and install it for you.  Please contact our Call Centre to arrange a replacement and obtain pricing.

Pool Sweeps and Robots: Pooled Energy will repair or replace Jet-Vac and Polaris Cleaner heads and hoses, and iRoboter Robots, usually ex-stock, at competitive prices. Please contact our Call Centre to arrange a replacement and obtain pricing.