Irrespective of which variant of solar heater you have, it is important to note that while the heating energy from the sun is free, the cost of collecting that energy from the roof is not. You must run a (large) pump to circulate the water to the roof to collect the energy. For this, Pooled Energy offers optional Intelligent Solar Heater Management. While many solar heater controllers can sense the temperature in the panels on the roof, they often run the pump to take temperature samples and operate on marginal or rainy days.  They don’t ‘know’ about the weather in the more general sense.  The Pooled Energy system does and is more efficient saving you unnecessary pump running.

Pooled Energy uses Weather Bureau and other information via the Internet to provide Intelligent Solar Heater Management.  It manages the times when your solar heater runs to give you a sensible balance between heating your pool, and the cost of running the solar and filter pumps.  If you have a Time-of-Use meter, you will be paying peak rates after 1 pm or 2 pm weekdays, depending on where you live.

The settable times for solar heater operation are flexible and are usually set for maximising shoulder tariff operation for customers with Time-of-Use meters.

If the solar pump system is connected in series with the filter pump (a common configuration), the Intelligent Pool Controller synchronises both their operations for efficient pumping. (See the previous FAQ re how it does this for the other types of pool heater).  It filters efficiently at low power until required to speed up to provide additional water to the solar heater booster pump.