If Pooled Energy achieves its current sales targets by 2025, it expects:

To save enough power across its aggregated pools equivalent to the retirement of coal-fired power station from the Australian Grid.


To enable the continued expansion of renewable energy by providing a balancing service to the Grid to accommodate more wind and solar power.  The energy consumption of pools can be varied to accommodate/balance rapid changes in wind and solar generation, without affecting pool water quality.


To reduce use of natural gas and hydro-electric water by using the Pooled Energy networked pools for electricity grid balancing.  Grid balancing for renewable energy and changes in electricity demand is normally provided by natural gas and hydroelectricity.


To improve the health of pool users as a result of reduced infections from inadequately sanitised pool water.


To reduce the manufacture and transport of chemicals such as chlorine and hydrochloric acid.  

The potential for assisting the environment applies to overseas as well as Australia

We believe that for pool owners, one of the most effective things you can do to reduce your energy consumption is to get a Pooled Energy Service. It is a high-tech solution that works today and delivers running cost, quality-of-life and environmental benefits (for no up-front net cash out).