In Pooled Energy pools, the control system works to keep sanitiser levels within tight operational limits throughout the day.

Contrast this with a conventional, manually operated chlorine pool.  In most such pools, chlorine is present in at least 7 different chemical forms, only one of which is a good sanitizer.  The remainder are mostly chlorine by-products.

Pool test kits usually measure the so-called “available chlorine” and “combined chlorine” as approximations to these groupings.  Unfortunately, these kits can be inaccurate or unhelpful and do not measure the thing that matters the most- the effectiveness of chlorine. This is measured by Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which is a direct measure of the ability of the chlorine in the pool to kill bacteria.  If ORP is at an acceptable level, then the pool is correctly sanitized and safe.   Chlorine level in ppm as measured by many test kits, is not a measure of ORP.

ORP can vary significantly during a day under the action of swimmers and sunlight and depends on the pH balance in conventional chemistry pools.  Strong sunlight burns chlorine out of the water entirely, losing half, in as little as 35 minutes in a pool without stabilizer.  That is why you need an electronic system to sense the ORP and a computer based system to adjust both the pH of the pool and ORP throughout the day.

Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry, sensors and computer control combine to keep your water in great condition and minimise fluctuations in ORP.