Pooled Energy does not recommend non-chlorine based methods of disinfection for the following reasons:-

Ozone does not maintain residual disinfection in the pool, that is, they only work when they are running and the ozone sanitiser may not penetrate into corners and far-reaches of the pool. Chlorine and bromine are active for days after the system is switched off, giving you long-lasting protection.

UV sanitisers work only where the UV touches, that is, inside the pipe. They have no penetrating power into the main body of the pool.

Silver and copper ion systems require supplemental sanitation and have several Government warnings extant. Moreover, they can interfere with chemical sensors.

Chlorine and Bromine based sanitation is used in some 99% of all pools for good reason. They work best and that is why we use them.  We currently do not offer a service for other types of sanitiser.