Yes.  Pooled Energy will install a variable speed drive for your existing pump, which enables significant energy savings.  Most pumps can be controlled by our system.  Some older pumps may not be compatible and we will recommend replacement in such cases. 

Most existing pool pumps are single speed, whose size has been selected for the backwash task, which takes ~2 minutes every 8 weeks.  For the rest of the time, they are way over-powered for filtration and waste a large amount of money and energy.  With Pooled Energy, the pump speed varies intelligently, as required, for the different demands of filtration, sweeping, heating, energy prices and Grid parameters.

Please note that filtration is more efficient and finer at low pressure and low speed than at high pressure.  At high pressure, dirt particles in the water tend to shred, like Kleenex in the wash, and pass through the filter.  The water then becomes cloudy with particles too tiny for the filter to remove.