There are several types of financial savings that customers derive from using Pooled Energy to manage their swimming pools. There are also a range of non-financial benefits.

Financial Benefits

  • Reductions in electricity consumption and cost by your pool,
  • Use of cheaper energy with optimised time-of-use for those with appropriate meters,
  • Reductions in chemical use and cost,
  • Reductions in maintenance and replacement costs of pool equipment,
  • Reductions in pool service costs.

Energy Savings and Efficiency

The Pooled Energy system uses less energy by improving the energy efficiency of existing pool equipment:-

  • Converting the filter pump from fixed speed to much more efficient variable speed. (Note: Over 95% of existing systems use single speed pumps which are sized for the backwash task and are way over-sized for all the other functions such as chlorination/filtering/auxiliary pump boost (heaters/pool sweeps etc)).
  • Lower chlorination demand due to Advanced Water Chemistry;
  • Optionally, improving plumbing around the filter to reduce pipe loss/flow resistance (additional cost if required).
  • Optionally, changing the filter media to lower flow resistance (glass not sand & additional cost if required).
  • Using an operating regime that filters finer, thereby reducing passes through the filter.

Control System based Energy Savings

The Pooled Energy system further improves the energy savings by:

  •  Using sensors to detect the optimum time to backwash and thereby reducing time spent filtering inefficiently,
  • Using a flow sensor to control and to synchronise the filter pump with other systems such as heaters and sweeps so that it is always running at optimum speed for whatever is required. This also allows the system to adjust for filters progressively getting dirty.
  • Using Advanced Water Chemistry to reduce the amount and duration of chlorination. This means a filter no longer has to run to keep water going through an (usually) undersized chlorinator many hours a day beyond what is required for filtration.
  • Using water-quality sensors to optimise the water chemistry, neither over nor under-sanitising it. Over-chlorination is energy wasteful while under-chlorination leads to green pools and costly recovery processes,
  • Using ‘look-ahead’ control based on the forecast of tomorrow’s weather to exploit low cost-off-peak power for expected chlorination need,
  • Using ‘look-ahead’ control based on weather forecast to anticipate water temperature and heating to optimise the temperature for the anticipated time of use, rather than over or under heating it.
  • Using weather information to optimise pool sweeping, for example, after a wind-storm.
  • Using Advanced Water Chemistry reduce/remove the need for super-chlorination.
  • Adapting the operating time of the pump system to the seasons.

Compare the above with the standard system of a single high speed pump, a (typically) undersized chlorinator, two time-clocks for control and little or no automatic water chemistry management.

Savings from using Lower Cost Energy

For customers with time-of-use meters, Pooled Energy:

  • Runs pools in the lowest cost periods where practicable; and
  • Reduces Pump noise sufficiently to often enable night-time (off-peak) running by using a variable speed drive.

Pool Equipment Maintenance Savings

  • Pooled Energy converts the existing customer single-speed pump to variable speed. Because the pump is effectively de-rated, its longevity is significantly increased…….and water quality is improved as filtering becomes more efficient.
  • The system checks that the pump is correctly “primed” and does not run dry, risking burn out.
  • Glass filter media is (optionally) supplied by Pooled Energy to improve filtration and increase the time between media changes.

Reductions in Chemicals Costs

  • The chemicals required for Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry are supplied and delivered by Pooled Energy at a cost depending on actual usage.  We supply and deliver the yearly requirements for you to add to the pool in one dose.  We may also supply some reserve chemicals in case you need a top-up due to high dilution or use, during the year
  • You will need to add salt (and possibly small amounts of conventional pool chemicals) from time to time, but you will be advised when and how much to add.
  • The Pooled Energy system will remove/greatly reduce green pools which typically require complex and expensive remediation.

Reductions in Services Costs

  • The Pooled Energy continually monitors pool equipment performance as well as the pool chemistry. The system identifies minor issues which can often be corrected remotely rather than requiring site visits which may also entail expensive chemicals dosing.
  • Because of Pooled Energy’s automation there is no longer a requirement for periodic manual water testing and chemical adjustment

Pooled Energy has a customer energy and cost savings mathematical model which provides an estimate of each customer’s saving based on details of the pool and its operation prior to Pooled Energy