You can have a Pooled Energy system and there are substantial benefits for you as the owner of a rental property.

Under most residential leases, the owner is required to maintain the pool in a safe operating condition. Tenants however, may not be interested in maintaining your pool and, even if they are, they may not be entirely aware of what is involved in doing it correctly. They also may not want to spend their money maintaining your pool and this may result in a deterioration of your investment. 

There is a mutual benefit for both tenant and owner with a Pooled Energy system as the pool will be properly managed and supported. You, the owner, will minimise unexpected repairs on equipment, call-outs for green pools and equipment failures, and chemical damage from insufficient or incorrect use of pool chemicals.  The automation generally allows you to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for regular pool technician visits for water management. Someone will still need to clean out leaves and debris.

With a Pooled Energy system you get an automated, continually monitored pool service. The central computer at our Network Operating Centre will often detect issues that require attention and often rectify them without a site visit by you or us. Finally, there are cost benefits to the Tenant in reduced electricity consumption.

The overall arrangement is that the owner signs with Pooled Energy for a bundle of Electricity and Pool Services and invoices the tenant for the appropriate charges as outgoings.

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