If you purchase a Pooled Energy system via the Internet web-site or phone, we will ask you to respond to a questionnaire with details of your pool, its equipment and how you use it.  Based on that, we will give you a detailed proposal and benefit evaluation.  Please be accurate with your responses as our response can only be as good as the data you supply.   The questionnaire can be found on the web-site.

Alternatively, we will be happy to do an on-site technical inspection of your pool and then provide a detailed offer of the benefits and savings.  The inspection can be done at a time convenient to you and usually takes 20 minutes.

To ensure suitability for our technology, our offer is conditional on either a successful on-site inspection of your pool or accurate and full responses to our questionnaire. If your questionnaire is subsequently found to be not accurate when we come to install the system, for example, if it has (a) significant defect(s) that would prevent our system from operating correctly, we may cancel the installation or ask you to agree to rectifying the defects or making necessary changes at your cost.