For no net up-front cost[1]  , Pooled Energy is offering:

Cleaner, higher quality, healthier water;

Significantly reduced energy consumption by your pool (up to 70% of the pool and often ~20% of total household consumption[2]);

A reduction in chemicals, pool labour and equipment maintenance;

Pool automation;

Energy and Pool Management from a Central Computer in the ‘Cloud;’

Central Supervisory Control and optimisation;

Reliable water quality;

A Pool App for a SmartPhone or Tablet;

Future extension to energy management of other household devices.


 This is achieved by new technology and is delivered as a bundle of:

An Intelligent Pool Controller

Water quality sensors;

Electricity for your whole house;

On-line automation, operation, optimisation of your pool (Pool Services); 

Advanced Water Chemistry;

Back-to-Base and local Computer Control with Pool App override;

Pool Chemicals[3]; and

Equipment Maintenance [3]


Your pool will adapt continually to swimming activity, water chemistry, weather, forecast, time-of-day, time-of year, the amount of sunshine, the varying cost and price of electricity and the technical state of the Electricity Grid.  This permits water and energy optimisation that cannot be done by simplistic time-clocks that do the same thing every day.


[1] “No net up-front cost” means that the Intelligent Pool Controller and sensors will be installed at no cost as part of a bundled contract for electricity and pool services.   Chemicals and any mutually agreed plumbing, maintenance or equipment changes to rectify problems or for legal requirements are additional. There is a yearly fee for Pool Services

[2] The Electricity consumed by the pool for cleaning and sanitation varies from house to house but is often 30% of total household consumption.  This percentage depends on the other appliances in the house and their usage.  The percentage can be more in smaller houses without air conditioning and tends to be less in the larger houses with air-conditioning and many electrical appliances.

[3]  Pool Chemicals and equipment maintenance are at extra cost.